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About Dr Saptarshi Banerjea - DR.Orawan International Academy

About Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea

Gold Medalist Homeopath
Allen College of Homeopathy

Dr. Saptarshi reiterated.

“I was born in Kolkata, India, as a fifth-generation heir of the family that has been practicing homeopathy in treating patients. I have therefore inherited the wisdom in homeopathy that my family has been accumulating for over 100 years. Our family is possibly the family that has been practicing homeopathy for the longest time in world history”

Dr. Saptarshi mentions that having grown up with homeopathy since he was born, learning the letters of the alphabet was for him more like A as in Argonite, or B as in Belladonna. No doubt, every time he falls ill, he applies a homeopathic drug on himself and amazingly recovers in a very short time.

“I still remember it very well even today that whenever I had a fever and took Ferrum Phos, I would recover within several hours”

During his teenage years, Dr. Saptarshi witnessed many patients queueing up for treatment at his father’s clinic in India and was deeply impressed seeing his father receive heartwarming appreciation from his patients.

“The trust of the patients that I had witnessed is what motivated me to pursue this field of study since the age of 18, and I have since been so happy practicing this branch of knowledge in providing care for patients”

Allen College of Homoeopathy & Orawana International Academy

At Dr. Orawan’s Holistic and Anti-Aging Institute, homeopathy is one of the therapeutic methods applied alongside others. Apart from offering therapeutic services, the institute is also a center for the dissemination of knowledge in homeopathy championed by Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea of the Allen College of Homoeopathy. Dr. Banerjea is a homeopathic specialist from Bengal who is a descendant of a distinguished line of physicians in the Banerjee/Banerjea family who have been diligently practicing homeopathy in India for over 100 years. From the home base in Kolkata, Allen College of Homoeopathy now has international branches in the cosmopolitan cities of London, Los Angeles, and Bangkok. The Bangkok branch, which was jointly established with Dr. Orawan Holistic Institute, offers a Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma curriculum in Homoeopathy. Ninety percent of the college’s inaugural class of graduates are Medical Doctors with a keen interest in expanding their knowledge in holistic care.